A downloadable game for Windows

Germs have invaded your host and you are the only one who can face the enemy and prevent total annihilation.

Take control of Helper T as he/she/it fights through hordes of invaders to safeguard a future for everyone!  Harvest the corpses of your enemies and use their remains to buy cool new weapons and shields!  Just like real white blood cells do, I imagine.


Infection.zip 35 MB


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How do I get in the game?

You should just be able to download the .zip file, extract the folder inside it and inside that folder is a executable to run called Infection.exe.  I hope you enjoy it!

seems like a really nice game, tried downloading it but windows firewall blocked it and i cant get it to run. have any solutions?

You should have the option to press more info (I think is the highlighted text) and then select "run anyway".  Hopefully you should be able to run it!

Thx i’ll try